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System Monitoring & Reporting Technology

Eriez SMART™ system continuously monitors critical processes and sorting equipment to ensure operations are performing efficiently. SMART, System Monitoring and Reporting Technology, is a wireless cloud based system using sensors and monitors throughout a scrap yard to provide real-time reporting on the efficiency of sorting equipment and processes. These SMART monitors help operators track performance and identify short and long-term corrective actions.

The system monitors three areas:

  • Moisture Monitor - tracks material moisture content post shredder
  • Splitter Monitor - reports excess build-up on separator splitters
  • Metal Loss Monitors - tracks unrecovered metals being sent to landfill


SMART Portal

The SMART Portal is the center for all data collection and real time reporting. Conveniently located in the cloud, users access their password protected yard’s SMART Hub to review reports, download data, analyze and set alerts.

Metal Loss Monitor

The Metal Loss Monitor continuously scans your residue stream for valuable metal that has escaped your process and is headed for landfill disposal. Positioned either upstream or downstream of the hand picking station, the MLM alerts operators when a spike in metal count has been detected and aids in diagnosing where a process breakdown may have occurred.

The MLM is set to “count” certain size pieces of metal being conveyed on the final picking belt. If the pre-set threshold is broken (high metal count), the MLM signals an alarm and an event is recorded. Over time the Metal Loss Monitor will help diagnose specific weaknesses in an operator’s system. The goal is to gradually lower the pre-set threshold and reduce the physical count of metals escaping the process. The MLM supports Eriez’ ongoing efforts to push the grade/recovery curve™ by providing absolute feedback on the process.

  • Diagnostic tool continuously analyzes fluff stream
  • Significantly reduces metal sent to landfills
  • Sends auto-alerts when threshold limits have been exceeded
  • Provides real-time data for trend analysis
  • Cantilevered design installs without cutting the belt
  • Rugged composite construction





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