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Eriez Coolant Recycling Equipment

Eriez has put all the aspects of good coolant and fluid management to work in a single machine, the CRS Fluid Recycling System.


Coolant Recycling



Eriez Coolant Recycling Solutions

Our metalworking fluid management solutions are specifically geared to the type and brand of fluid in use in your facility. Our filtration and recycling equipment is supported by more than one hundred years of engineering expertise, as well as a fully trained, experienced service department.

• Stable bio resistant fluids able to withstand repeated recycling

• Management control and active supervision of the recycling program

• Properly designed and sized recycling equipment

• Systems capable of maintaining high-quality fluid condition

• Control of the mechanisms that cause coolants and cleaners to fail


Eriez SumpDoc® Portable Fluid Recycling

Unlike any other product in the market, the SumpDoc® is an all-in-one portable fluid recycling system that will completely filter and rejuvenate metalworking fluids in a machine tool sump without interrupting production.

Eriez SumpDoc Portable Fluid Recycling System allows shop personnel to position the unit alongside the machine tool sump and treat the existing coolant while continuing to operate the machine tool.


• 110-V single phase control voltage

• Continuous-flow tramp oil coalescer 

• Pleated bag filter and housing for removing solids

• Air operated diaphragm pump to pull coolant from sump and pump through system

• Hosing, piping and valves to allow coolant to be pulled from sump, filtered, tramp oil treated, and coolant return to sump to create “scrubbing” turbulence in machine sump

• Coolant make-up system with proportioner and on-board coolant concentration tank

• Simple electrical controls with microprocessor based controller with operator dashboard

• Five-gallon on-board HDPE containers: one for tramp oil, one for centrifuge backwash, and one for coolant concentrate/chemical storage

Eriez Coolant Recycling Systems

Eriez’ CRS Fluid Recycling Systems are self-contained coolant and fluid management systems capable of recycling any water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential.

These units help minimize or eliminate disposal, reduce usage of fluid concentrate, and improve plant profitability and productivity. Systems ranging from small to large feature low maintenance, unattended operation and fast return on investment.

Custom configurations can include systems that recycle a combination of both individual machine tools and central coolant systems. To facilitate the moving of fluids to and from the CRS recycling system, complete plant distribution and return header systems with pumping stations are available.


• Separate dirty and clean tanks

• Automatic proportioner mixer – coolant make up & control

• Oil removal device -free-floating, non-emulsified tramp oil

• Coalescer - tramp oil separator

• Liquid-from-Liquid centrifuge – clean coolant to <0.5% emulsified tramp oil and 2-5 microns of particulate matte






Document Download: SumpDoc Brochure


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