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Eriez India Service

Eriez Service ensures your equipment operates at peak performance.

Refurbishment. Service. Parts.

This is the golden age of services, and to survive and prosper, we’re told every company must transform itself into a services business.

We at Eriez India too have done that and are proud to announce an exclusive Service Team to cater to your every need. Wether it be an assessment of our equipment at your site, minor repair work of our equipment or complete refurbishment of the equipment at our factory in Chennai, we can do it all complete to your satisfaction.

We have very well trained and experienced specialists who can take care of your every need.


Suspended Electromagnets

Wet Drum Separators

  • Inspect box, core and tank
  • Replace coils, oil and face plate
  • New Electrical panel, motor and components
  • Inspect magnetic elements and shaft
  • Repair or replace magnets, shell and end flanges
  • New bearings and components

Eriez Strengths

  • We have a global experience of more than 70 years and in India about 20 years.
  • We offer an unparalleled level of skill, knowledge and access
  • We have a dedicated team of service personnel both Mechanical and Electrical to cater to your every need and all types of assessment.
  • We have global support as our HO is in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA where we have a huge R & D facility to check & solve even unsurmountable issues
  • We will depute our Service Engineer by flight so that he reaches your destination / site within the shortest period of time.


Repair work being done in our factory with precision following all safety measures and required tools. 

Services Included

  • Onsite Field service, inspection and repair.
  • Skilled handling of dangerous magnetic equipment.
  • Refurbishment of full equipment at our plant.
  • Original OEM parts.
  • Full Test reports including Gauss reports.





A refurbished Suspended Electromagnet undergoing quality assurance before shipping.



Checking your equipment on a routine basis can help you:


  • Maintain highest product quality.
  • Identify equipment problems before they occur.
  • Reduce production downtime caused by broken equipment.
  • Meet quality objectives and goals.



Contact Eriez to learn more about our inspection and preventive maintenance programs. We also inspect non-Eriez equipment.

Typical Eriez Rebuilt Equipment

Drum Magnet Separators

  • Inspect core and replace coil
  • Repair shaft, cores, shell and parts
  • New bearings and compnents

Wet Drum Separators

  • Inspect magnetic elements and shaft
  • Repair or replace magnets, shell and end flanges
  • New bearings and compnents

Suspended Electromagnets

  • Inspect box, core and tanks
  • Replace coils, oil and face plate
  • New rectifiers, motors and components


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