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Eriez Magna-Rails and Magna-Rolls

Time-proven practical ways to apply magnetics and improve the efficiency of automated conveyor lines.


Magna-Rails & Rolls



Eriez Magna-Rails and Magna-Rolls

Eriez Magna-Rails® and Magna-Rolls® have been the industry standard for nearly four decades.

An ever present need within many processing industries is the ability to hold steel parts firmly on moving belt conveyors. Such conveyors, fitted with Eriez Magna-Rails, ensure that parts do not fall off, even when being elevated or lowered.

Magna-Rolls are commonly used in direct contact with steel sheets and tubing. Their firm magnetic grip helps ensure that when the roll turns, the steel moves. Further, when the rollstops, the steel stops as well, thus eliminating the need for pinch rollers.


  • Rugged construction
  • Standard and custom–designed sizes
  • Magna-Rails avilable in permanent and electro-magnetic designs
  • Magna-Rolls available with flat or contoured faces


These magnetic elements, positioned under conveyor belts and secured by mounting brackets, provide a safe, positive hold for ferrous parts—cans, sheets, nails, stampings, finished parts, even scrap—at high speeds in any direction, even up inclines as steep as 90°.

Transition sections in various radii and matching holding strengths can be made to bolt to a straight section, providing a smooth carry–over from one direction to another.

Electro Magna-Rails are available for special applications where on/off power is required. Electro rails are built with a 3-3/4" (95 mm) face width in standard 12" (304 mm) as well as special lengths. They use a Class B insulated coil and can be furnished for operation on either 110V, DC or 220V, DC.


Magna-Rolls are constructed in several types with a flat surface or crowned. Contoured and special faces for specific jobs are available, as well as single and multiple gap units.

Virtually any diameter from 2-1/2" (63 mm) and up can be supplied in Magna-Rolls. The 2-1/2" (63 mm) and 4-3/8" (110 mm) rolls have a narrow air gap which provides maximum holding power and traction for a given diameter. When arranged side by side on a common shaft, these units are placed with like poles adjacent (N-S, S-N, N-S, etc.) resulting in deeper and stronger magnetic fields and minimum space.


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