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MetAlarm Metal Detectors

Industrial metal detectors designed to protect a wide range of machinery from damaging tramp metals

Metalarm Metal Detector



Eriez MetAlarm Metal Detectors

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Belt does not need to be cut to install
  • Signal monitoring and self-check facility
  • Mechanical relays to actuate reject devices and alarms
  • High level immunity to radiated signals
  • High density polyethylene encased search coils
  • Detects ferrous and nonferrous metals

Model BR – Troughed Conveyors

Similar to the Model TR MetAlarm, the Model BR MetAlarm (bridge design) is excellent for detecting tramp metal in burden depths greater than 14 inches (356 mm).

The The transmitter/receiver coil combination is excellent for mineralized materials and also for use when nothing smaller than a certain size metal should be detected. This removes the risk of “nuisance trips” for small metal that will not damage machinery, thereby reducing costly downtime.

Its lightweight design makes it cost efficient to install on most trough belt conveyors.

Model VC – Vibratory Conveyors

The Eriez MetAlarm Model VC Metal Detector offers an all-in-one unit including search coil and metal-free section. It is supplied with a Model 3500 control connected to the search coil that is integrated into the tray’s trough section. When metal is detected, the conveyor and material flow is stopped to allow manual removal of the metal. Audible and visual alarms are available as optional extras.

Model TR – Troughed Conveyors

For use with angled trough conveyors. Eriez’ Model TR MetAlarm is ideal for detecting large tramp metal. The Model TR is used in a variety of different industries such as wood, plastics, aggregate and mining. The Metalarm’s lightweight design proves easy maneuverability and quick installation. In most cases, it can be installed with little or no adjustment to idler spacing. Units can be supplied for belt widths from 20 inches (500 mm) up to 80 inches (2000 mm).

Model PL – Flat Belt Conveyors

For flat belt conveyor applications, Eriez recommends a Model PL MetAlarm. The Model PL is supplied with 6600, 3500 or 3500/QM2 Control.

The unit is easy to install and the Model PL is especially effective for picking up metal contaminants where the search coil is surrounded by metal conveyor frames or moving metal like mobile crusher applications.


Model PL2 – Plastics Industry

Eriez’ Model PL2 MetAlarm Metal detector has been specifically developed for direct attachment to lightweight conveyors used to feed granulators with tops and tails, sprues, etc., from molding machines of all types. It will prevent the majority of small metal pieces of all types from entering granulators, damaging blades and contaminating the granules produces.

MetAlarm HH-10 Handheld

Eriez’ MetAlarm Model HH-10 Handheld Metal Detector is designed to locate the exact position of small pieces of unwanted tramp metal. The detector activates audio and visual alarms whenever metal is present.

This durable, lightweight and sensitive device can be used in a variety of industries that currently employ an existing in-line metal detector. The HH-10 should be used after a detection has occurred and the product flow has stopped.

For example, when used in the aggregate industry, the HH-10 will scan shallow burdens on non-metallic surfaces, detect tramp metal and allow for quick recovery.

The HH-10 is also ideal for use in companies that manufacture thin, webbed products such as textiles, garment, particle board and pulp and paper products. This highly sensitive instrument will detect minute pieces of meal as small as 1mm.

No batteries required! The plug-in-and-go design ensures consistent voltages, which optimizes sensitivities unlike batter-operated unites which lose sensitivity.



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