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Eriez Selecto Electro Lifting Magnets

Lightweight, power packed to provide reliable, fast lifts for hundreds of applications.


Selecto Electro Lifting Magnets

Electromagnets are formed by sending electricity through wire coiled around a steel core. These magnets are controlled by regulating the amount of electricity passed through its coils. Applications range from lifting thin steel sheets to unloading ships, containers and railcars. Lightweight, power packed to provide reliable, fast lifts for hundreds of applications.

  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Eliminate hooks, slings or grabs
  • Use individually or in multiples
  • 100-percent duty cycle
  • Fully encapsulated moisture-proof coil
  • Built-in solid-state rectifier and drop-control circuit (Model ST)
  • Standard voltage of the SL Selecto Magnet is 115VDC; standard voltage of the ST Selecto Magnet is 115VAC; other voltages available upon request
  • Copper-wound coil

Two Available Models

SL Series

The SL Series requires a compact Eriez variable-voltage rectifier controller or a fixed-voltage rectifier to furnish the desired D.C. power from any A.C. source. The controller can be mounted in any convenient location near the area where the lifting magnet is used.

ST Series

The STD Series units have a miniaturized rectifier/drop control circuit with a “Lift-Off-Drop” switch attached to the magnet. This eliminates the need for a separate rectifier and can briefly cancel out any residual magnetism to allow the load to be easily discharged from the magnet.


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